UALR Benton
The UALR Benton e-commerce students and the Gann Museum of Saline County worked together to produce an updated and fully functional website that offers information on the museum. The website is a product of local UALR Benton campus students, Rachael Mann and Tara Rushing. The students have captured the importance of the Gann Museum on Saline County through the use of website development, project management, and collaborating with Gann Museum members.

UALR Benton Center

Rachael Mann | E-Commerce

My name is Rachael Mann, I’m an E-commerce major at University of Arkansas at Little Rock Benton Center.  I’m planning to graduate in the Spring of 2018.  I picked a degree in e-commerce because of the focus in both business and information technology courses to build a knowledge of both creating websites and the changing way of business in the world.



img_2486Tara Rushing | E-Commerce

My name is Tara Rushing and I am an E-Commerce major at University of Arkansas at Little Rock Benton Center. My estimated graduation is Fall 2017. I chose e-commerce for my degree because of the combination of business courses, such as management and marketing, as well as the information technology courses, that provide knowledge on building websites and using technology in the business world.